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Besides lack of broad based training in natural sciences Adidas Campus Norge , there are other problems that discourage research. We are not training students to have enquiring minds, which is important for developing research temperament. The level of practical student undertake in science subjects at the undergraduate level remains poor. Our science academies are promoting summer project work for our young students. This is a welcome step. However, due to a limited number of scholarships only few students are benefiting. The programme will hopefully expand. Students need to be encouraged to be inquisitive and question existing notions. To some extent Adidas Alphaedge 4D Norge , the problem lies with our societal structures. We encourage rote-based knowledge that already exists rather than encouraging search for new knowledge.

The most important consideration should be the integration of science and technology. we have created boundaries between science and technology and between physical sciences and biological sciences. Even in the management of higher education, the All India Technical Council of Education (AICTE) look after technical and professional and university Grants Commission (UGC) looks after science education. We should either merge these entities or allow both to look after science and technology in the institutes associated with these bodies. If we separate science from technology are getting complicated; without integrating technology with science we will not be able to translate research into tangible products and create value.

As an example breeding superior crops for ushering in a second green revolution requires both knowledge of basic and applied biology. Future breeders will require a sound knowledge of molecular biology, genetics Adidas Samba Norge , biochemistry, mathematics and statistics, skills in computational work and handling laboratory equipment. Unfortunately Adidas Dame 4 Norge , such education is not being imparted nor are there concerted efforts to create interdisciplinary teams to use the knowledge of molecular biology and genomic to produce novel seeds, which would require lesser inputs of water and chemicals and provide higher yield as compared to the present varieties and hybrids.

To take an example from chemistry, those who want to research new drug molecules or pesticides need some knowledge of biological sciences as a large number of chemical are being synthesized and studies for use on biological entities. Research in the field of nano-materials requires a sound knowledge of both chemistry and physics and a feel for technology.

To create a strong science-technology interface at the University of Delhi Adidas Prophere Norge , we have initiated three M Tech courses-nuclear physics and process development—to train students in areas that require knowledge of both science and technology. Students with undergraduate degree in natural sciences are admitted in these three-year courses. We hope this will set a new trend in the country in developing a strong science-technology interface.

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